Friday, November 25, 2011

Supermodel - Naomi Campbell

We all know the infamous discovery of Naomi Campbell
a young 16 year old hanging out at Covent Garden with her friends. 
Her career took off after this and in 1986 she appeared on the cover of Bristish Vogue, 
the publications first black cover girl since 1966. 

She was amazing at what she did! 
There wasn't a show she didn't walk in (she always had an amazing walk), 
a photographer or designer she didn't work for or a magazine she didn't appear on and in! 
She was a true supermodel. 


Sadly we also know in the last few years Naomi has been in the media for all the wrong reason - court cases, phones being thrown and community service. But through all this, the 41 year old still looks incredible!

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