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Jet Set Style

Are you like me and love seeing celebs at the airport, seeing how they dress when they travel?

Unlike you and I, they have to coordinate being comfortable in flight and then be photo and fan ready once they walk through the airport.

For some reason it fascinates me. I'm off to China tonight and I thought I'd take a look at travel wear celeb style as I pull out my normal "travel outfit"!!

Rachel Bilson is always my favourite and love to see what she travels in, classic and comfy

 This is very Kate Bosworth, but wouldn't be my choice

Now come on Nicole, this is totally an airport outfit not a long haul flight from LA to Australia outfit

 Jessica Alba has it perfect here. Loose comfy pants that also look good, long loose top, ballerinas and a denim jacket to throw on top

Victoria - does she look stylish? Sure!
Does she look confortable for a flight? Mmm not really? 
Perfect choice of travel accessory? Yep - David Beckham :)

 Kate Beckinsale looking ready for the photog's

Come on Ms Kardashian, this flight must have been on a private jet. Have you seen the space you have on a plane (yes even in first class) to be able to do these insane boots up!?!

 I love the Olsens always covered up in big clothes, big bags and big sunnies

 Really simple for Sienna Miller, I'm kind of disappointed!

 Good choices for Kate Hudson

Cameron looks comfy enough for the flight and perfect for her arrival into the airport.

This below is my fairly standard travel outfit.
When I'm travelling long haul I must be in leggings, a loose top, cardigan and scarf  so I can adjust to the temperature levels on the plane, my Louis keepall perfect for on board and my footwear is Haviannas! I love to travel in my havi's, they are so comfortable and easy to throw on and off.

What do you like ot travel in?

Louise Roe

One lady in Hollywood whose fashion and style I like is that of Louise Roe.

Born in the UK but now living in LA, Louise is a fashion journalist, tv presenter and stylist.

In summary, I think Louise does colour and patterns really well! 

What do you think?


Welcome to my new blog I Want Her Closet. Apart from interiors, fashion is my other passion. I started doing a Fashionable Wednesday post on my other blog My First Little Place which I have so much fun researching that I thought why not do it on it's own blog and not just on a Wednesday!

And is it just me or don't you just love seeing what other people wear??

Here I will post about all those fashionable people out there who I really love and admire. 

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