Monday, November 21, 2011

Olivia Palermo

We don't hear much about her anymore, why could that be? 
My theory is everyone loved her because of her style, she always looked so chic but.....
then she was on the City and she opened her mouth and we heard her speak 
and she's no wall flower, she'll speak her mind! 
So I wonder did that have an effect on the popularity of Olivia Palermo? 
Maybe I'm just overthinking LOL!

Regardless she still has amazing style, here's some of my favs new and old ...

This is my favourite look, love the dress, the shoes and belt look fab with it

Lots going on but it works

She has a knack for a fairly simple outfit but finishes them off with amazing shoes

Even her casual "running errands with the BF" looks great

What a pretty yellow dress, I want it !

I'm still looking out for what you're wearing Olivia !

1 comment:

Tania nineteenstars said...

She is always flawless. I want her closet :-)