Thursday, November 3, 2011

Supermodel - Christy Turlington

I couldn't start this series without my favourite first - Christy Turlington.

She was always my favourite, she is just stunning. 

Before we move onto some of her beautiful work, a quick update on where Christy is now. 
Christy now 42, married actor Edward Burns in 2003 and they have two children Grace and Finn.
Whilst being involved in Jivamutki Yoga, in which she wrote a book on, Christy also has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophy.
She has also become an advocate for Maternal Health for the international humanitrian organization CARE.

As Marisa Berenson by Kevyn Aucoin

And here's a picture of Christy taken at an event in September this year. 
She still looks amazing and even though she's only 42, is aging so beautifully.


Tania nineteenstars said...

That's what you call aging gracefully!

Karyn said...

Beautiful. She was always one of my favourites too.