Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sofia Coppola

As I sit here on a Saturday night I'm watching one of my favourite movies, Lost In Translation which will be followed by Virgin Suicides (TV programmers are so on it sometimes!) I can't help but want to post about its director and one of my all time style icons, Sofia Coppola.

Why do I like her so much? Mmmm let's see ...

She's not your traditional beauty but she looks amazing and is just really cool

She's creates amazing movies and has a beautiful way of telling a story with perfect casts 
(I love Bill Murray and Giovanni Ribisi)

She is dear friends with and the muse of the brilliant Mr Marc Jacobs

Because if this she has become one of the best collaborators with Louis Vuitton and produced my favourite Core Values ad to date

And I'm going to make a pretty big prediction here that her wedding to Thomas Mars at the end of this month in Italy will be a picture of style, sophistication and beauty and I'm sure Marc will be designing her wedding dress. I'm dying to see it!

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Anastasia said...

There is definitely something about Sofia! She's a great inspiration! x