Monday, August 8, 2011

Nicole Richie

I first posted about Ms Richie on my other blog My First Little Place here as I really do love her style. Like most, I took notice of what she was wearing after Rachel Zoe got her hands on her and she did a great job but even now that she doesn't style Nicole, she's still doing well! 

Today we're looking at how, even though she stands at about 5'1" she's not afraid to wear long skirts and dresses. I myself am fairly tall so I love to wear long skirts and am always told how jealous my friends who are a little bit more vertcially challenged are as they would love to wear long skirts and dresses but just can't do it as they fear it just makes them look even shorter.

I think Nicole might prove another point to you here, what do you think?

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Anya adores said...

I think she looks such a cutie in these awesome dresses - and yes the fit :)