Saturday, February 25, 2012

Supermodel - Niki Taylor

Known as the all American sweetheart of modelling, she first appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine at the age of 14 and followed that with a Vogue cover at the young age of 15!

Whilst she appeared in the pages of all the leading magazine's and walking the designer runways, she is probably most famously known for her work with Sports Illustrated.

Niki Taylor










Niki's life has faced quite a few tragedies. 
Firstly in 1995, Niki's sister Krissy died of an asthma attack. I still remember hearing on Entertainment Tonight the chilling 911 phone call that Niki made when she found her sister.


Then in 2001, Niki was involved in a serious car accident that left her in critical condition. 
Her internal injuries were so severe she had 56 operations and intense physical therapy.

Niki married her first husband linebacker Matt Martinez in 1994 and they had twin sons Jake and Hunter. Following their divorce less than 2 years later, Niki started a relationship with Keith Urban. 
However in 2004 they split.

Happily in 2006 married Nascar driver Burney Lamar. They have 2 children together, daughter 3 year old Ciel Taylor Lamar and last year another son, Rex Harrison Lamar.

This year Niki will be hosting her own TV show "Having It All"

I think Niki still looks amazing, as fresh faced as that young model who was on Seventeen magazine. She's overcome her life challenges and still looks super beautiful.

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Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

I remember all of Nikki's gorgeous editorials - she was one of my favourite models of the 90s! It was so sad about her sister, she was so beautiful too and I remember how close they were. So exciting to hear she is making a comeback with a new show! xx