Monday, January 2, 2012

Supermodel - Karen Mulder

This Dutch supermodel worked for everyone, all the top designers and photographers 
and featured on all the magazines. 

She was every designers dream on the runway.

And she was one of the original gorgeous Victoria Secret girls ...

Karen Mulder









So where is Ms Mulder now?
After retiring from modelling in 2000, Karen went onto try a few different business ventures aswell as a singing career. None being successful. 
The 43 year old has a 5 year old daughter, Anna.

Sadly Karen has battled with depression and 
attempted suicide which has been highly publicised. 
Then in 2007, Karen was arrested in Paris for threatening to attack her plastic surgeon. 

January 2011

Most of the "where are they now" stories of the supermodels have been really good. 
I'm saddened that life after modelling hasn't turned out so well for Karen Mulder. 

I once read an interview she did a few years back that she said that when she was at the height of her career, she could not understand why all these people where paying her money to take her photo or call her beautiful as she she thought she was so ugly. I think that's really sad.

She now keeps a low profile and I hope she is living happily somewhere nice with her daughter.

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Anya adores said...

Gosh I never knew - hope she is happy out there somewhere:)
Hope 2012 has been great for you so far sweets,