Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Model / Actress / Girlfriend to Jason Statham.....

Love this dress and paired perfectly with these shoes

 Ah-mazing! Thie colour of this dress is to die for as is the style
 I'm not a pink girl but I am liking this, I think it's the drape of the dress I really like

Hollywood Glam

Cute LBD but not a fan of the shoes, I don't like strappy shoes at all really. It needs something a bit heavier

 Rocking the fur and Louis Vuitton clutch! And I do love these shoes regardless of my previous comment about strappy shoes


Not too many ladies can pull of this dress, her hair and make-up complete this look

If she marries Jaosn Statham I wonder what her name would be
Rose Huntington-Whitely-Statham ??

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